Selling a Business

Is it the right time to sell?

Selling your business is a time consuming process and sometimes packed with headaches. Summit helps business owners plan and prepare their business for a successful sale. We provide a proven method to make the process easier, saves time and reduce the headaches. Summit Business Brokers provides our clients with the help they need:

Deciding to sell your business is not easy but once you have , then how to go about it is another process all together; Determining a most probable selling price range, preparing a marketing summary and book, finding the buyers, creating an auction , selecting the “right” buyer, negotiating with the buyer and the maze of tax, legal and financial details to work through. Summit deals with these issues every day on your behalf while you continue to maximize your day to day business results.

We market your business without your employees, customers or competitors knowing that it is for sale. This is critical for the smooth continuation of your business during the selling process.
Have you ever seen the “For Sale” signs that many Realtors place prominently out in front of a business? We can only imagine the negative impact this has on the employee’s morale, customer confidence and the competitor’s sales pitch! Summit will never place a sign to market your business.

While a formal exit plan is not required by Summit to sell your business, it is a huge time saver when preparing a business for sale and in efficiently closing the sale with the maximum benefits to the seller.

As the business transition experts, we sell business. Many times a seller will ask; “What do you know about my industry?” Our reply is that we will spend as much time as it takes to become very knowledgeable about your industry. In addition, we have found it’s more important that we are an expert in OUR industry- Representing sellers and helping them sell the most important asset they own. Our expertise and experience gained from helping business owners achieve their financial objectives, directly correlates to saving you time in selling your business.

It is estimated that 2 of 10 businesses in the USA are for sale at any given time. Selling a business is very competitive and the number of businesses expected to be for sale is ever increasing as the “boomers” are entering retirement age. With Summit Business Brokers as your intermediary, you are directly linked through our network of International and Nationwide Business Intermediaries.

How does Summit help you differentiate your business in a very competitive market?

  • Listing on different “businesses for sale” internet sites utilized by Summit, your business will be seen by hundreds of international and nationwide business brokers who represent potential buyers.
  • Summit also maintains a data base of all business buyers from inquiries received. These buyers are reviewed and screened for a match to your business.
  • Summit uses a targeted buyer identification process and direct marketing approach to buyers that you approve in advance. We can expose your business to prospective buyers not only in your local area but also to buyers nationwide and the emerging worldwide market of buyers of US based business.

The right price is critical and we will arrive at the most probable selling price for your business based on prices paid for similar businesses and trends in the market. We screen all inquiries, then schedule interviews with serious buyers. In this process, you receive the combined benefit of confidentiality and convenience.

We will handle negotiations in a direct sale based on the appropriateness for your business and discussions with you. All negotiations are conducted in a professional manner that keeps the business issues in focus, rather than clouded by emotions or personalities.

Summit Business Brokers is a professional source for successfully selling your business. Whether you are ready now or just beginning to think about the possibility of a sale, call us for a confidential, no cost appointment. Hiring Summit can make selling your business a successful experience, from the day you first meet with us to the day you hand over the keys to the new owner.