Corporate Advisory

Can I strengthen my company to beat the competitive pressure?

Summit has worked with business owners in 5 western states. Summit has developed its capabilities to help clients plan for growth based on over 30 years of experience with companies across many industries, geographies , markets and whose sales range from $500,000 to $50,000,000. Summit provides business clients with business advisory and planning processes to realize:

  • More efficiency from existing operations.
  • Assessment of leadership quality and development of key employees.
  • Planning to realize that “Next Level” of business growth or opportunity.
  • Capital planning to insure adequate funding of growth.
  • Evaluate divestiture of underperforming products, lines, services or markets.
  • Evaluate acquisition of new business or entry into a new market.

Summit Business Advisors is NOT an hourly fee based service provider. Summit is different from the traditional service providers (many CPA or Attorney’s) who “turn the clock on” as soon as they take your call and bill you for hours of time regardless of content and value. CPA’s and Attorneys are valuable providers of technical skills. Summit works closely and coordinates all necessary Audit, Tax and Legal reviews from these professional when it is needed AND only as it is needed.

Summit is a professional knowledge firm that provides value on a monthly flat charge or a fixed price contract with our clients. If you are interested in a knowledge based advisor who does not “punch the time clock” every time you call, then Summit is the right choice for you.